C. Kent Strauss

PhD Student
Deptartment of Economics
University of California, Santa Barbara


ECON 10A. Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018, TA)

Research and Publications

Global fishery prospects under contrasting management regimes. Christopher Costello, Daniel Ovando, Tyler Clavelle, C. Kent Strauss, Ray Hilborn, Michael C. Melnychuk, Trevor A Branch, Steven D Gaines, Cody S. Szuwalski, Reniel B. Cabral, Douglas N. Rader, Amanda Leland. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences. 2016
We assembled a database of fisheries around the world representing 78% of global reported fish catch, estimated the biological and economic status of each, and projected biological and economic outcomes under contrasting management regimes.
Reconstruction of global ex-vessel prices of fished species. Michael C Melnychuk, Tyler Clavelle, Brandon Owashi, C. Kent Strauss. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2016
We describe a novel method for estimating ex-vessel price time series for individual species by converting export prices of fishery commodities into ex-vessel prices and pairing these with species. The method relies exclusively on global, publicly-available data from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
Conservation incentives and collective choices in cooperative fisheries. Daniel A. Ovando, Robert T. Deacon, Sarah E. Lester, Christopher Costello, Tonya Van Leuvan, Karlynn McIlwain, C. Kent Strauss, Michael Arbuckle, Rod Fujita, Stefan Gelcich, Hirotsugu Uchida. Marine Policy. 2013
We surveyed 67 fishing cooperatives from the major oceanic regions of the world, providing a unique overview of the global diversity of fishery cooperatives. We used the resulting database to analyze the links between the characteristics and contexts of fisheries and the collective actions taken by fishery cooperatives.




Email: strauss@ucsb.edu
Office: North Hall 2051